B2B video production

More than just moving images - audiovisual compositions to achieve your marketing goals

More than just moving images - audiovisual compositions to achieve your marketing goals

Companies are more than just a brand or the entirety of their products and services. They interact with a wide range of interest groups and have to respond to their needs.  Quality and reliability are parameters that are crucial for their customers. Investors have very similar interests, as they measure success by customer satisfaction, among other things. In addition, companies are involved in society, shape the local labor market and, as employers, bear responsibility for their employees. It is important to address these and other interest groups with the right brand message. With a perfectly coordinated audiovisual mix and messages tailored to the target group, videos are ideal for internal and external corporate communication. 


The variety of video production formats

Video productions are not just limited to image films or company videos. They are part of the marketing strategy and can be broken down thematically together with the marketing goals. BlueRev Productions supports you with needs-based video content in your brand communication. Whether for the purpose of a product launch, to strengthen your employer branding, or to enhance your e-learning material, we produce the right video for you. Video production is an extensive process in which there are a few things to consider. That is why we attach great importance to comprehensive advice and transparent communication. 

From planning to completion, we take care of the entire video production. Our service portfolio also includes extended services such as drone recordings, the search for the ideal location or model scouting, so that your videos inspire with high-quality scenic content.


Types of video formats

Image film
The concept of image film or image videos is widespread in video production and is used differently. Cinematic documentation can also be an image film, having a runtime of over 10 minutes. The content is about portraying a company. It is not about promoting a product or a service for sales. One can speak of a confidence-building measure. Usually, an image video is produced for a higher-level campaign purpose and is intended to promote the positive opinion of the target group.
Company video
This classic gets very close to an image film. It is also a bit about the positive picture. However, in contrast to other formats, an overview of the entire company should be given. This includes corporate history, the location, as well as an explanation of the industry, products, and services. Not to forget, the employees with a little vision and the prospect of the company. That all sounds like a lot, and exactly that is the challenge. It shouldn't be longer than 3 minutes, even if you have more to tell.
Interview video
The format of an interview can be produced either as a single video or as part of another format (e.g. image film). There is usually one person who asks and one who answers. The type of representation can be realized in different ways. There are variations where the interviewer cannot be seen or heard. The impression of an interview then arises from the line of sight of the person in front of the camera. Looking at the left or right side of the camera is an interview. Looking directly into the camera is perceived as speech.
Employer branding video
Especially in recent years, the relevance of employer branding has increased significantly. With the shift from the original employer market to an employee market, companies have to strive to create attractive jobs with good working conditions. In order to gain more visibility in the competitive job market, you need the right content strategy. An employer branding video serves to court applicants and is intended to put the potential employer in a positive light.
Promotional video
In contrast to a product video, a commercial is aimed at the end consumer market. For this target group, emotional factors are more important than factual arguments. These include product design and brand awareness.
Product video
Manufacturers of physical hardware are keen to depict and explain their products comprehensively. Here image material with textual descriptions or video content can be used for advertising purposes. The B2B market is much more objective than the B2C market. B2B product videos in addition to the visual representation, mainly contain technical details, equipment variants, or economic added value.
How-to video
If you're looking for a video tutorial online, you search for a how-to video. Unless it was produced privately for the TikTok channel, it must follow a few rules. The step-by-step structure of this video format is characteristic, supported by textual and graphic markings. A clear structure should be recognizable that enables the viewer to follow a given sequence. In a professional environment, such an instruction video is produced for customers and partners to better explain the use of products or to support training for internal and external resources.
Social Media Clips
Nowadays it is hard to imagine social media without video content. Since these platforms are very fast-moving, new content has to be created regularly, which can be done with any average smartphone. What needs to be considered are the respective video dimensions of the different platforms.
If social media clips are produced as professional advertising videos, then the enormous shortness of a few seconds should be considered. The advertising message must therefore also be short and attract attention in the first second. Since this is usually not that easy, it would be worth considering whether a short video series that builds on one another could make sense.

Inspire with corporate videos

Do you need a product video, a first class company film or do you want to present your latest technological development? Then contact us. As a professional B2B agency for video productions, we are at your side in an advisory and executive capacity. You are also welcome to have a look at our Vimeo channel or visit us on LinkedIn.

Advantages of camera productions in brand communication

Better performance than static images
It is a natural human instinct to follow the movement. This is the real reason why moving content performs better than static images. Of course, this comparison only works if the content also meets the qualitative requirements.
Increases visibility and reach
Following the logic that moving content is seen more and more often leads to increased visibility. Algorithms react to high-performing content, play it out more, and thus increase the reach.
Conveys emotions
By using real situations with recognition, the emotional character of a video increases. Your target group feels more addressed and picked up.
Boosting employer rankings
So-called employer branding videos help to increase the positive perception of an employer. Things such as the working environment, satisfaction, and future prospects are the focus here. It's all about the question of why you should work for a company.
Higher number of qualified applicants
Video content should always aim to provide more information than was previously available. Potential applicants also look at your videos and can thus get a good picture of your company.

Further video categories

Our video agency also offers other services for the creation of visual content. You can find our portfolio with one click on the landing page.

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Explanatory Videos

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