With 3D-animations we create visual solutions for technology companies & device and machine manufacturers


With 3D-animations we create visual solutions for tech companies & device and machine manufacturers


For manufacturers of technical devices and machines of all types and sizes, 3D-rendering videos are a must-have. They belong to the category of product videos and offer a comprehensive overview of functions, product details, and technical specifications. In order to bring innovative products onto the market, companies invest heavily in research and development, engineering, and design. These investments should also be reflected in communication with high-quality video content. But even during the development process, 3D-animations provide additional information for technical documentation.

Professional 3D-renderings allow manufacturers to present the quality of their products and the result of continuous progress to potential business partners and consumers without having to carry out costly video shoots. In addition, a 3D-rendering video is much more than just a common product video. It can visualize complex systems in detail and present products, machines, and devices in a high-quality and modern way.

To ensure precise and accurate results, we use CAD models that our customers already have. Depending on your needs, abstract or very realistic animations can be created. A variety of textures and transparencies, as well as explosion, fluid, and particle animations, help create great video content.

In addition to the greater variety of visual possibilities, the creation of 3D-renderings is significantly cheaper compared to real video shoots. A large production team is not required, which means that there are no travel expenses and the entire organizational effort of a shooting set is eliminated.

Our 3D video project customers

3D-rendering for future technologies

For several years now, future development has no longer taken place exclusively behind closed doors. Topics such as alternative energies, electromobility, autonomous driving, and many others are now on everyone's lips. End-users and their actual needs are increasingly involved in the development. The more important is the adaption of communication strategies to this new situation. 

Technologies that are still largely unknown or not sufficiently understood can be clearly visualized with the help of 3D renderings. In this way, future technology becomes tangible for everyone and increases the desired acceptance in the target group.

Types of 3D visualization

3D product video
A 3D product video gives potential customers a comprehensive visual overview of product details, added value and equipment options.
3D product animation
Mechanical processes and functionalities can be visualized with product animations. A perfect solution for presentations, training courses, or the product page of websites.
3D image rendering
3D images can be used for both print and online media to visualize products as static images. It can be used for the visualization of end-user products, but also as complex machine rendering.
3D instruction manual
As a supplement or alternative for manuals of devices, machines, and technical systems. In this way, application errors can be avoided and the amount of service requests reduced.
3D prototype visualization
When developing prototypes, 3D visualizations are suitable to give potential customers or investors a presentable overview. Based on these 3D illustrations or 3D animations, relevant decisions for the prototype construction can be made.
3d repair guide
Technical repairs can be carried out step by step with video instructions based on a 3D device animation.
3D training video
Training videos make it easier for new employees to get to know their future area of work more quickly and to familiarize themselves with technical equipment in advance.

3D visualization for innovation protection

One of the biggest challenges for technology companies is the extent to which developments that need to be protected can be visualized without putting all the cards on the table. So it's about the balancing act between communication and the protection of innovations. In addition, many product components are not relevant enough for the detailed presentation and can be more irritating in their entirety than offering any significant added value. 

With 3D renderings, there are no limits to the possibilities. Here, sensitive details can be hidden or additional supporting information can be added. This way, not too much is shown, but just enough to get a good understanding of the technology.

 Convince your target group with BlueRev 3D animations

Whether you are a machine builder, manufacturer of technical end devices, or developer of future technologies - contact us. We support you in selecting the best options and creating the right 3D video for you. You are also welcome to have a look at our agency's Vimeo channel or visit us on LinkedIn.

3D device animation with touch display

Since the invention of the smartphone, touch displays have been a constant companion. Both small devices and larger systems are meanwhile controlled via such user interfaces. However, depending on the complexity, the application requires additional explanations. The mere filming of the screen is usually not detailed enough. Screen recordings, on the other hand, often look too simple to be sent to customers. In addition, it is very unfavorable that the actual hardware product cannot be seen and disappears from the viewer's focus. We offer you the 2-in-1 solution. The 2D animated user interface in your 3D animated product. Doing that the functionality of the display can be fully explained and your product is never second-ranked.

3D machine animation

For plant and mechanical engineering, 3D renderings are among the best solutions for product visualization. The complications of a video shoot with an extensive shooting set are no longer necessary. 3D makes the production process much easier. Extensive planning is necessary to capture machines in their entirety with a normal camera shoot - some machines cannot be easily repositioned to get the right view of the core product. Components must be removed or disassembled to reveal internal mechanics. Systems must be switched off to create ideal conditions for a shoot. This is associated with a production standstill. All these problematic points are eliminated when creating 3D animations.

How do we create a 3D animation?

Video Konzept Erstellung

Briefing & strategy

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In this project phase, together with our customers, we define the objective, the style of the 3D visualization, and the target group that the video is intended to reach.

Storyboard Erstellung

Script & storyboard

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The storyboard is developed on the basis of the previously created sequence of scenes and shows the rough course of the 3D video in pictures. Here, the design approach can be included as well.

3D-Modell Bearbeitung

3D model editing

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The 3D model is typically based on CAD files provided by the customer for use in production. If no models are available, they can be modeled as desired.

Texturierung Licht Schatten

Texturing & shading

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The magic of the authenticity of 3D renderings is created in the texturing phase. This is where the materials, structures, light, and shadow are developed.

Animation Objekte

Animation & graphic design

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Up to this step, the 3D object already looks good. Now it's time to set everything in motion in conjunction with the virtual camera and the developed graphic design.


Voiceover & sound design

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This step gives the sound to the ears. Upon request, we adapt ready-made soundtracks, create an individual signature soundtrack or voiceover recording.


Post production

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All components required for a 3D visualization have now been produced and will be put together in this project phase to form a complete video.


Fine tuning & finalization

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This is where the final detailed work is carried out, small errors are eliminated and the final rendering of the entire 3D visualization is carried out.

3D visualization for all departments

For marketing, a 3D visualization fulfills the purpose of promoting products. This includes classic advertising messages as well as an appealing presentation tailored to the target group.
3D animations used in sales are typically promotional videos. In addition to the actual product animation, they contain problem-solving arguments and added value that differentiate them from the competition.
Technical documentation
In addition to documentation with descriptions and technical drawings, 3D image rendering, as well as 3D device animation or machine animation can provide detailed visual information.
Product development
During product development or prototyping, 3D renderings and 3D animations are ideal solutions to get a better impression. Potential product variants and equipment options can also be tested in this way.
Service and maintenance
Internal and external service providers can use a 3D rendering video for better orientation when repairing devices and machines and in this way localize sources of error more quickly. For companies in plant engineering and mechanical engineering, 3D visualizations are an extension of their service.
HR - Human Resources
Detailed visualizations using animated 3D renderings give new technical employees the opportunity to prepare comprehensively for their work with training videos.

Further video categories

Our video agency offers other services for creating visual content. An overview of our service portfolio can be found here.

Video Production

Whether image film, promotional film, or product video - with the right eye for details, we capture your company in the best possible way. Your employees are the stars? An employer branding video puts them in the spotlight.


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Explanatory Videos

Do your products and services need further explanation? With animated explanatory videos, your target group understands what it's all about in just a few seconds. A nice animation for internal purposes can also be very helpful.


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Services overview for 3D visualization


  • Technical briefing
  • Moodboard / storyboard
  • Revisions: 2 per Level
  • Royalty-free music / soundeffects
  • HD-resolution (1080p)

Further Options

  • Additional revisions
  • Purchase of source files
  • Voice-over
  • Multilingual versioning
  • Sound design
  • Development of signature sound tracks


  • Script translations
  • Adjustment of visual elements
  • Linguistic setting / voice-over
  • Final image and sound editing

Visualization options

Mechanical engineering

  • 3D machine animation
  • 3D machine rendering

Plant construction

  • 3D plant animation
  • 3D plant rendering

Device producer

  • 3D device animation
  • 3D device rendering